Audi Q8 Concept with new generation MMI

At the Detroit Motor Show, the Ingolstadt company demonstrated the..

Audi Q8 Concept with new generation MMI

At the Detroit Motor Show, the Ingolstadt company demonstrated the conceptual design of the new SUV. The Audi Q8 Concept will be equipped with a completely new generation MMI system that offers far more features than ever.

So far infotainment systems installed in Audi cars were based on a single LCD display located in the dashboard, which features buttons and knobs, and more expensive models with a trackpad. In the new Audi Q8 Concept, the manufacturer intends to use a whole new generation of MMI, which has made many changes to previous models.

First of all, the system has more screens. It consists of two separate displays located in the central console. The upper screen provides access to vehicle control systems, such as navigation, car settings, messages, phone calls, weather forecasts, and multimedia services.

The manufacturer also remodeled the user interface, which became much more functional. You can access multiple options by touching icons displayed on the screen, or by gestures. To facilitate vehicle operation, Audi also has a shortcut menu where key options can be assigned to the special bar on the left side of the screen for more convenient access.

The user can also freely arrange the menu, changing the position of the individual panels and placing them in such a way that the most used are closer to the steering wheel. You can tailor your options to have them right at your fingertips, and you do not have to take your eyes off the road if you want to use one.

The second display below the first one is reserved for air flow control. It can be used to set temperature and airflow for both driver and passenger. The fan speed will be controlled smoothly using virtual knobs instead of predefined setting levels as it is currently. In the same way, the temperature will also be set.

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Both screens are tactile, but they also support testing. In addition, we will both find haptic technology to better understand which options are currently supported. This will allow the driver to pay less attention to the screens and focus more on driving.

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