• John Carmack sues ZeniMax

    Legend of the video game industry John Carmack, ZeniMax filed the process. She demands $ 22.5 million for her alleged breach of contract terms. He also claims that he did not receive all the money for selling his own business. A few weeks ago, ZeniMax Media won a spectacular victory over Oculus’s Oculus Facebook, which […]

  • How much does iphone 6 repair cost after warranty?

    When you buy a modern smartphone you have to bear in mind that the warranty will sooner or later be over and you will have to pay for your repairs from your own pocket. And how much does it cost to repair iPhone 6? Although the smartphone was only sold a few days ago, so […]

  • Concrete spray protects against electromagnetic attack

    The greatest threat to the functioning of the state is the attack of the EMP, with the help of arms generating electromagnetic pulse. Such a weapon can destroy all electronic devices, turning the country back to the Middle Ages. Impulse will erase all the money on the bank accounts, power stations, water supply, communication, etc. […]

  • Watch out for health related sites. They are most likely to infect Internet users

    Every year, more and more Poles discover the advantages of the Internet as a source of information on products and the place of purchase at a good price. This has not escaped criminals, looking for places where the potential victims will find the easiest place. A study conducted by G Data Security Labs revealed what […]

  • No nudity on Instagram is a fault

    Probably you have heard the celebs that Instagram removed pictures and sometimes even suspend accounts because they showed too much exposed body. It turns out that the blame for the restrictive policy of this social network on nudity is the concern Apple, because it is he who enforces it. Instagram users are increasingly reluctant to […]

  • Narkotester will detect marijuana in the breath

    Many drivers go not only under the influence of alcohol but also drugs. How much of the first substance can easily be detected in the breath, so special testers are needed to detect the drugs. However, researchers at Washington State University are working on a special narcotest to detect marijuana like alcohol. Breathalyzers easily determine […]

  • Apple finally fixes faulty MacBook Pro

    Californian products, although very expensive, are often seriously flawed, as is the case with the wrong antenna design of one of the iPhone, causing the disconnection of calls. Apple also has some other flaws, and one of the more serious is the 2011 MacBook Pro. In 2011, the company launched the defective MacBook Pro series, […]

  • Electric cars can navigate the bus routes in the UK

    Most roads in the UK are equipped with so-called. Buses that provide public transport with the ability to travel smoothly in dense traffic. Ordinary cars can not move around, but electric vehicles will soon be available. Owing to the possession of a power-driven car, their owners can count on many benefits, such as the lack […]

  • Apple has registered domains for Apple Car

    The Cupertino company is aware that the sale of smartphones and tablets can no longer be the backbone of its business, especially since the devices are beginning to lose popularity. It is currently the company’s priority to enter the lucrative automotive market, so the plans are to launch a car for sale. Apple Car rumors, […]

  • First pictures of the world’s largest aircraft

    Stratolaunch Systems just two years ago presented the largest aircraft project in the world. Now we finally had a chance to see how the giant emerged. The design, powered by up to six Boeing 747 engines, is meant to be used to carry rockets to deliver goods to orbit around the globe. The aircraft will […]

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